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Discover the possibilities of Magento 2 and sell more in e-commerce.

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Magento 2 development


Magento 2 development

If you are planning to build an online store or B2B platform on Magento 2, we are ready to work.

We know how to do it right. We have created a Magento development process that ensures your money is safe. And your nerves are calm.


Migration to Magento 2

We will migrate your e-commerce from the old platform to Magento 2, whether you are currently working on a subscription-based technology or a custom-made one.

With our business, marketing, and SEO expertise, we will ensure that the migration takes place fully and securely.


Maintenance and development

Magento stores are usually long-term projects. We will help you expand the features of your e-commerce to sell more.

A good Magento agency is not just a passive executor. We know what works and brings profit. During our collaboration, we will actively suggest changes and improvements.


Project Rescue

Has your current Magento agency disappointed you? Is the collaboration not going as it should? This is a common scenario.

We have taken over many Magento 2 projects destined for failure… and successfully implemented them. Give us a chance. We understand well what challenges you are facing.


Committed Magento Agency

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference” – Winston Churchill

We wholeheartedly identify with this quote. We’ve learned that knowledge and skills are not enough if there is a lack of close collaboration with the client – with you.

We have a proven Magento implementation process that we continuously refine. Its essence is to create a team with you that works towards a common goal – the satisfaction of the end customer of the store.


Magento agency - testimonials

Our work

Here are some of our top e-Commerce projects:

Magento 2 development process:

Here is a plan in 7 steps that will help you achieve more in e-commerce.

1 First touch

On the other end of the line, Piotr Gawot, Head of Sales at Satisfly, is waiting for you. You’ll discuss your needs and expectations for the project. Piotr will advise whether Magento implementation is indeed the best solution. Honestly and straightforwardly! If you fill out the brief, you’ll receive an initial estimate that will be further refined during the business analysis stage.

Ready to go with Satisfly? Fantastic! Let’s sign a time&material contract. This means you pay for the hours actually worked. It’s an agile approach that has successfully delivered Magento implementations for 13 years.

Magento development kickoff. A stage of intensive workshops with the Satisfly team and yours. Here, following a proven process, we verify your business needs and tailor suitable technological solutions. We build a task backlog, sketch store layouts with user paths, and support you in marketing and branding.

Our internal team of designers and marketers will create a beautiful, yet functional and user-friendly Magento store for you. We work based on insights, research, and qualitative, quantitative, and behavioral tests.

Your project falls under the care of a team of developers, testers, and project managers. As a Magento agency with 13 years of experience, we’ve completed so many implementations that our teams are well-coordinated. During this stage, you’ll receive daily updates on the progress and regular demo meetings. We emphasize transparency!

We integrate the Magento 2 platform with all external and internal systems that operate in your business. We install or create custom plugins. We do everything to ensure that processes are smooth and automated.

To start, we always recommend implementing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) version of the store, one that fulfills its most important function – selling. This way, you quickly enter the market, finance further actions, and gather valuable feedback from customers. Later on, we focus on expanding Magento 2’s functionality and ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Free consultation

Wondering if Magento implementation is the right solution? Want to understand the typical process, timelines, and budget?

Let’s talk – no obligations.

Leave your contact information to schedule a consultation

Our consultant will answer all your questions about Magento implementation.

You decide what's next!

Magento 2

This is Magento 2

Magento 2 is a flexible and efficient e-Commerce engine on which you can build a unique online store or B2B platform.

The technology has been around since 2008, and since then, it has been used to build over 100,000 different online businesses.

Choose Magento if:


The current engine is struggling​

Your product inventory is growing, customers are increasing, and you have ambitious plans for further development? There comes a point in the life of e-commerce when it’s worth upgrading to a higher engine. Inaction can lead to… a disaster. Our Magento agency will help you avoid that!


You're going international

A hot topic in recent years – cross-border sales. If you plan to have multiple versions of the same store, it’s best to choose Magento 2 for one platform with universal integrations. The multisite feature is the answer to international challenges.


You have an extensive ecosystem

Does your company use an ERP system, logistics, and warehouse programs? Do you want to integrate with marketplaces? Only a powerful e-Commerce engine can handle this. Just like Magento 2.

Non commitment

You don't want to be tied down

Because Magento 2 is open source, any Magento agency can work on your store. This is in contrast to dedicated systems where you’re dependent on a single provider. If they fail or terminate the agreement – you’re in trouble.

Selling to businesses?

You can do it faster, more profitably, and with complete automation. Properly configured and integrated into the Magento 2 implementation ecosystem, it offers features such as:

Custom pricing

Multiple shopping carts

Advanced discounting

Expanded logistics


Are you already selling
in omnichannel?

No? It’s high time!

The modern customer expects the same high level of service regardless of the channel you are selling on. The same prices, promotions, and trade conditions – whether it’s in e-commerce, on a marketplace, or in a brick-and-mortar store. Delivery and payment as the customer desires. It’s no longer a novelty but the gold standard in the e-commerce industry, so you can’t afford to fall behind.

Magento implementation will enable you to do that. And at Satisfly, we know how to make it work!

Wondering if Magento 2 is right for you?

Let’s talk during a free consultation. No obligations.

Cute Piotr Gawot


Magento 2 Functionality​


Unlimited development

Magento 2 comes with extensive built-in functional capabilities. Being an open-source platform, it can be easily and flexibly extended with additional solutions. Some functionalities are available in additional modules, which, as an experienced Magento agency, we implement effortlessly.


Ready-made modules​

Fast and effective Magento 2 implementation can be achieved by deploying ready-made modules that support specific store functions. When the base functionality is not sufficient, you can commission the development of a new one or utilize existing modules – plugins. Our Magento agency can handle this seamlessly.


Versatile integrations

The Magento 2 backend can be connected to your entire company’s ecosystem (ERP, CRM, WMS, PIM), as well as external systems responsible for logistics, payments, or loyalty programs.


Ambitious scalability

Thousands of product indexes with multiple versions. Parameters, attributes, separate price groups. Several language versions. All on one engine that can handle as ambitious plans as yours.


Marketing and SEO Support

Magento 2 allows for newsletter sending and the implementation of upselling and cross-selling actions. Additionally, it facilitates customization of the store to meet search engine requirements.


Convenient CMS

You no longer need a separate place to add and manage content. Magento 2, in newer versions, includes a convenient CMS with drag-and-drop functionality. Just like website creation applications.

Magento 2 versions

Magento 2 comes in two versions – a free (open source) version and a paid version. Explore their differences to make the right choice.


Magento 2 equals greater growth

It’s not a coincidence that profitable businesses opt for Magento implementations. Here are a few examples:


cox cox

More about Magento

Check out dedicated video materials about Magento, prepared by experts.

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Magento 2 development - FAQ

Your questions answered

The Magento 2 e-commerce platform is a fully open-source solution. This means that developers can easily expand its core functionality and create custom solutions for clients. Another equally important aspect is that open-source solutions are free. In the case of Magento 2, this did not prevent the platform from becoming the most popular worldwide among the most demanding businesses.

It also matters when you want to change the platform implementation provider. A Magento agency, such as ours, can take over a finished or unfinished store at any time.

The cost of implementing Magento is determined by the product of the hours worked and the hourly rate. It all depends on how much your needs go beyond what “standard” Magento offers. The more features and integrations, the more time—and money—it will require. Keep in mind that Magento implementations always start with a business analysis. Only a precise alignment of technology with your needs will give you a clear answer on how much a Magento store costs.

If you expect a very general answer, Magento implementations rarely fall below $100,000.

Just like with the cost of Magento 2, it all depends on the complexity of the project. First and foremost, we always implement the MVP version. It’s simply a functional Magento store with essential features. Then, we focus on platform development. And most importantly, during this time, you’re already making money.

As a Magento agency, we handle projects at every stage. We have analytical and business competencies, allowing us to assist you in choosing the right technology and designing store features. We have a UX/marketing team that will create branding and marketing strategy for you. We integrate analytical, marketing, and other tools (ERP, CRM, PIM).

If your current engine no longer meets your business needs, it’s time for a change. Implementing Magento might be the right decision if you’re looking for flexibility and developmental horizons. Reach out to us, and we’ll advise you on the next steps.

If you’re not satisfied with your current Magento agency, consider making a change. We understand that it’s a difficult and often costly decision, but if you’re contemplating it, you surely have compelling reasons. Let’s talk – we’ve taken over several stores from other agencies in the past.

Yes. Magento implementations are complex projects, and delivering them requires a specific approach and skills – not every agency can do it. We have taken over many troubled projects, successfully turning them around. The most common issues were poor communication within the project or an uncommitted Magento agency.

A store needs to function within a specific ecosystem. We can integrate Magento with various systems such as PIM (Product Information Management), WMS (Warehouse Management System), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), among others. If you operate on a marketplace, we can help you synchronize sales on both platforms.

Yes, migrating Magento is essentially a full-fledged project. Reach out to us – we can assist you!

From a cost perspective, implementing Magento should be seen as an investment. The money spent can pay off within a year.

If your current subscription-based engine no longer meets your business needs, considering Magento 2 is worthwhile.

Remember, there are no fees or commissions here. You are also not constrained by the development plan of the platform provider.

We have worked in various industries, including cosmetics, sports, fashion, computer, industrial automation, services (flower delivery), jewelry, packaging, cycling, textiles, and more.

As you can see, we have extensive experience in Magento 2, catering to both B2B and B2C sectors.

We can handle your project too 🙂

In our ready-to-work teams, we have dozens of frontend and backend developers with Magento 2 certifications. Their work is coordinated by experienced project managers with analytical skills. For graphic and marketing aspects, our UX team is here to assist you.

Magento 2 comes with many functionalities and modules that cater to the needs of business clients. At Satisfly, we have implemented many such platforms, including those for cosmetics manufacturers like Clarena and a hairdressing wholesaler like Activeshop.